Art Gallery

All artworks in our gallery ship for free within two or three days, and we'll even pay the sales tax.
Shadow Boxes and Mixed-Media Works by Percy Cabot
Sales of artworks on this page support the Griffoun Society.
"Young Naturalist" by Percy Cabot
About 9" x 12" $95
"Dear Wesley"  by Percy Cabot $75
NOTE:  Click on small images to enlarge them.
"Chemistry" by Percy Cabot
About 9" x 12" $85
"The Firefly, Being a Tribute to the Healing Arts and to Medical Research" by Percy Cabot; About 9" x 12"  $89
"St. James Park" by Percy Cabot
About 9" x 12" $105
"Lieber Onkel" by Percy Cabot
About 6" x 9" $89
Shrine Art by Trudy Silverheels
"Girls Only" 8" x 10" x 23" $200
"Modern Priscilla" $125
"Jazz Age" 4" x 12.5" x 18" $150
"Spirit House: Shrine to Thai Culture" $200
"Ancestral Shrine" $75
"Self-Portrait" $95
Paintings, Prints, and Drawings by Various Artists
"Coppice" by Lynn Chatman
Acrylic on Canvas Board Framed with Barnwood; about 6" x 6"  $50
"Monkey Portrait" (Study for 'Brother Ass') by Moe Profane
Acrylic on Wood Panel; ready to hang; 9" x 12" $120
"Goldfish" by Amanda
acrylic on wood panel; ready to hang; 5" x 7" $39
"Model Topless" by Trudy Silverheels
crayon sketch on ledger paper; unframed; 9" X 12" $35
"Composition on Purple and Gold" by Eugene John Hughes
Acrylic on Canvas; 11" x 14" $105
"Layers" by Karen Roberts
oil on canvas; wired to hang without a frame; 16" x 20" $150
"Jupiter at Stud" by Trudy Silverheels & Percy Cabot
mixed media in shadowbox frame; 8" x 11" $79
"Model Disrobing" by Trudy Silverheels
crayon sketch on ledger paper; unframed; 9" x 12" $35
Letter Art
"When Adraina Smiles" by Percy Cabot
letter art; 5" x 7"; framed $55
NOTE:  Click on small images to enlarge.
"Small Packet from Japan" by Trudy Silverheels
letter art framed in a  barnwood shadowbox; about 9" x 12"  $75
"Luisa Ramirez" by Trudy Silverheels
letter art; 5" x 7"; framed $50
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SilverheelsAtelier on Etsy
The image below is linked to the Etsy shop created by Trudy Silverheels in behalf of the Griffoun Society.  Click on the photo to see some of the fabulous craft goods that Griffoun artisans have created to help support our club. 

Silverheels Trading Post 

The picture above is linked to an online trading post established by Trudy Silverheels for the Griffoun Society.   Silverheels Trading Post is not a mere e-store.  Like any old-time trading post, it is a rich experience in cultural exchange.


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