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Here members may post (through B G Johnson, Xiomara Roma, or Mercy Gruenewald) essays, articles, homilies, poetry, or reviews.  Opinions expressed here are those of individual members and do not represent the club's position.  The Griffoun Society is about the arts and humanities.  We vigorously promote intellectual stimulation and encourage the exploration of new ideas, but as a club, we avoid taking a position on religion or politics.  Nevertheless, any individual member might write and post on any subject.  

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Excerpt from novel SCOUTING FOR THE TEXIANS by M W Ashe

Posted by Beatrice Johnson on Friday, December 7, 2018, In : Fiction 

A Short Passage from Chapter 17


It seemed as if this Comanche War would last forever, but I knew that it could not.  Being a war of attrition, it would end when the Comanche people had ceased to exist, for they were infinitely outnumbered, and we were slaying three or four of them for every one of us they killed.  It depressed me mightily to imagine the Comanche people‚Äôs becoming extinct, for, even though they are traditional enemies of the Lipans, I could remember when Mexicans and Tej...

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Taking Leave of Life

Posted by Trudy Silverheels on Sunday, May 19, 2013, In : Fiction 

Taking Leave of Life
As Related by Claudia Godwin

In the beginning there was no pain.  That would come later; and with it fear, self-pity, regret, and all the rest.  But on that first fleeting awareness, no physical sensation whatever intruded.  My disembodied self floated aimlessly in an endless void until at length a sharp medicinal odor penetrated my semi-consciousness, recalling me to my broken body.  Incredibly, there was still no pain.  There ought to have been pain.  I was covered ...

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