On Masculine Sex Appeal


Trudy Silverheels

How girls look is a lot more important to men than is how men look is to girls. Men's personality and sense of humor and character matters a lot more than appearance. If a girl likes who you are, she automatically (without even thinking about or knowing she's doing it) upgrades your sex-appeal index in her mind by 2 or 3 points, maybe even more. 

     In my whole life, I've only a very few times felt a strong physical attraction to any guy before we started getting to know each other. Of the men I am currently in love with, most are over 50, some are more than a little overweight, and a couple are almost bald. But I like and admire them so much that in my eyes they are incredibly sexy. I really and truly love how they look.

     This is true to some extent for all females. Of course, some girls are so silly and shallow that what impresses them is fighting ability or skill at sports or something else that I might not be impressed with.  Still, there is almost always something more important to girls than mere looks.