The Voice of Reason


Damien Wynter 

The Voice of Reason is but a murmur easily obscured by the noisy confusion of day-to-day living.  It does not clamor for one’s ear.  Nor does it demand to be obeyed.  Many there are who have managed never to have heard it and more yet who have learned to ignore it.  For the Voice of Reason cannot be counted upon to say only what one wishes to hear.

To the believer, the Voice of Reason whispers doubt: terrifying, confusing, and sinful.  It challenges, in its quiet, unobtrusive way, all the promises of revealed religion and will, if permitted, shatter one's hope for eternal life, one's belief in God, one's trust in prophesy and Holy Writ.  No wonder it is so often mistaken for the voice of the devil himself.  No wonder it is feared and hated and resisted by so many.

Still, the Voice of Reason always and only serves Truth.  It can be misunderstood.  It can even seem to be misleading, but only, I suspect, to a listener who is inattentive, distracted perhaps by emotional storms raging within.  To one at peace and unafraid to face naked Truth, the Voice of Reason is clear and sweet.

It can, of course, be amplified by courage, or it can be silenced—though only temporarily—by fear or anger.  It may go unheeded for years, yet return faithfully again and again to urge one to think, to nag one to discard prejudice and superstition, to indict one for illogical behavior.

By only a few—the very wisest of humankind—is the Voice of Reason fully appreciated.  Only by them is it consulted on every important decision, never despised, but cultivated instead, so that its good counsel will be ever and constantly available to them, even under the least-favorable of conditions.

Let us then, as those sages do, hearken always to the Voice of Reason.  Let us never shut it out, and let us never turn away from it.  Amen.

Copyright 2009 Damien Wynter