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The Griffoun Society's own dedicated publishing operation, Griffoun Press, was established in 1986 to make available presentation copies of monographs, essays, homilies, and poetry read aloud at club functions.  Xiomara Roma is the current publisher, replacing Christi Broughton, who has now retired.  Griffoun Press has never published books; only pamphlets, fascicles, and parchments suitable for framing. However, under Christi's administration, Griffoun Press has now expanded into book design and production, as well as e-book publishing.  Our production imprints are Summer Snow Scriptorium and Pouty Poppet Press.   

Pouty Poppet Press, incidentally, is in the process of being transferred to Archer Trent, Publisher, which in future will be publishing many, if not all, the books produced by Griffoun Society.

We also support the publishing and book-production endeavors of Dusky Nightshade of New Braunfels, Texas, and of the Little Heathens' Underground Tract Society and Free Press, founded by her in 2009.  

All our books are available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other online booksellers, as well as many neighborhood bookstores.

New Titles

List price: $34.95 plus shipping.  ISBN 978-1-365-51529-3; 70 pages; full color; produced by the Griffoun Society.

List price: $35.96 plus shipping.  ISBN 9781365742262; 84 pages; full color; produced by the Griffoun Society.  
ADULTS ONLY!  This work contains nudity and explicitly erotic material.  Age verification required.
List Price: $20 plus shipping.  ISBN 9781387823536; 40 pages, full color; produced  Griffoun Society.  
ADULTS ONLY!  This work contains nudity and explicitly erotic material.  Age verification required.
List price: $65 plus shipping.  ISBN 978-0-999-00291-9111 pages; full color; produced by the Griffoun Society.

Griffoun Press Book List

The current book list for Griffoun Press and its various imprints now includes fifteen titles.   Many of these books produced by Griffoun Society and published by CreateSpace have now been transferred to Archer Trent, Publisher, who will be releasing new editions under thier own imprint.  

NOTE:  Book titles below are linked to their dedicated pages on Amazon or Lulu.

Observations and Contemplations of a Humanist (ISBN 9781453612576) by Leo Madrigal 

Coming Clean (ISBN 9781502528513) by Trudy Silverheels

Dusky Nightshade and the Little Heathens  (second edition, ISBN 9780999002902) by Trudy Silverheels

Good Medicine (ISBN 9781453623787), compiled by Miranda Whitecrow, expanded and updated by Trudy Silverheels

Of Fairies and Witches and Kisses and Wishes (9781453726372) by Phoebe Synn 

Mopsy (ISBN 9781453618448) by Justine Alexandra Maxwell 

Dusky Nightshade's Opuscule (ISBN 9781453617779), edited by Ouida Peeples

Baring All (ISBN 9781466416420) by Trudy Silverheels 

Resources for the Celebration of Life (ISBN 9781466210899), edited and produced by Dusky Nightshade

News from Wake (ISBN 9781479370672) by Samuel Earl Simpson 

The Landing Road (ISBN 978) by Samuel Earl Simpson 

Deus X (ISBN 9781484982136) by Samuel Earl Simpson

The Chosen Profession of Jade Stonecalf (ISBN 9781479250462) by Trudy Silverheels

Nuevo Biloxi (ISBN 9781463709495), a novel by Trudy Silverheels and Damien Wynter

My Sister Bootsy: A Portrait of Trudy Silverheels (ISBN 9781479250035) by Miranda Whitecrow


Suitable for framing, these so-called "parchments" with calligraphic texts are 8.5" x 11" on 85 pound stock that resembles real parchment.  The price is $3 each.  Click on the titles to view scans of the parchments.

A Humanist Decalogue by Leo Madrigal, ten suggestions not to be confused with commandments.

The Gospel of Humanism by Leo Madrigal, the "Good News" of Liberal Religion.

Heterodoxology by Damien Wynter, a poetic affirmation of disbelief.

Invictus, the 19th century poem by William Ernest Henley.

Non-Violence by Martin Luther King, Jr., a quote of his matra for the civil-rights movement.

Salutation of the Dawn by Kalidasa, poetry translated from the Sanskrit.

The Voice of Reason by Damien Wynter, a brief homily (identical text as in the fascicle by the same name; simply a different format). 

Tri-Fold Pamphlets

These tracts are sold for $1.75 each or 10 for $12 (mix and match or all the same title).  The texts of pamphlets and fascicles are posted as blog entries on this site.


Our fascicles are 5.5" x 11" saddle-stitched booklets.  The prices vary from 2$ to $3 each.  

Dialogue on Free Will between Pagan Wright and Leo Madrigal, 8 pages, $3, published by Dusky Nightshade.

Dialogue on Criminal Rehabilitation between Ouida Peeples and Leo Madrigal, 8 pages, $3 published by Dusky Nightshade.

Marriage, Family, and Alternative Lifestyles by Leo Madrigal and Damien Wynter, 8 pages, $3, published by Griffoun Press.

On Loving Oneself  by FXP Carlisle, 4 pages (a bi-fold pamphlet), $2, published by Griffoun Press.

The Voice of Reason by Damien Wynter, 4 pages (a bi-fold pamphlet), $2, published by Griffoun Press.

What Was Jesus Really Like? by Hope Wells, a rational examination, 8 pages, $3, published by Dusky Nightshade. 

Shipping Policy

A shipping fee of $4 applies to every order for printed matter (books, pamphlets, fascicles, tri-fold pamphlets) shipped to the same address.  Sales tax of 8.25% must be collected on any order with a Texas billing address.  

Assistance to Aspiring or Self-Publishing Authors

The editorial staff at Griffoun Press now offers, at rates far below industry norms,  a full range of editorial services to self-publishing authors, including proofreading, typing, layout and design, illustration, file conversion, and even ghost-writing.  Indeed, there is no task related to print publishing or ePublishing that we cannot handle with confidence.  If you've already started and you're stumped or if you have been reluctant to start because you are intimidated by the seeming complexity of the process, then why not let us put our expertise to work for you?   See our price list below.

Leave us a message on the Contact Us page, and someone will be in touch with you.

Editorial Services

Editing (including proofreading, suggestions for rewriting short passages as necessary, book layout and design, pagination, formatting, and file conversion) $10/1000 words

Proofing for typos, spelling, and grammar only (that is to say, not for style) $1/1000 words

Ghost Writing $1/word – The average length of novels, memoirs, and autobiographies is between 60,000 and 85,000 words.  We should probably be reluctant to take on a project much larger than that.  A 5% advance based on estimated length is required; then incremental payments are due as the manuscript is completed in segments.  Polishing and partial rewrites will be done last (no additional charge).  Your ghost writer will remain completely invisible; you can take all the credit for the work and all the royalties.  Or in those rare instances where we see huge commercial possibilities, we might be induced to accept a lower fee in exchange for a share of the royalties and partial credit for authorship.

Art Services

Book Illustrations in pencil $75 for the first; $50 for each additional sketch (plus expenses agreed to in advance, such as travel, studio fees, modeling fees, costumes, etc.); artwork to be delivered electronically via internet

Page Decorations (inanimate objects only) $35 each delivered electronically (minimum of 8 drawings)

NOTE: Use of artwork is restricted to book or magazine illustration and for the purpose of promoting that title for which the illustration was created.  Any other use is an egregious violation of copyright and strictly forbidden.

Cover Design (front, back and spine) $175 (plus any agreed upon expenses, such as travel, modeling fees, image licensing) delivered electronically

Typing $1/page delivered electronically; fee based on the following specs: (1” borders, double-spaced, Times New Roman 12 pt. with header and page numbers)
Leo Madrigal:  "In any work of art, it is the perception of Truth that is appreciated as Beauty."
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