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The Griffoun Society is actively seeking new members.  Artists, writers, models, photographers, videographers, and indeed anyone keenly interested in the arts will find membership in the Griffoun Society immensely rewarding.  Joining is as easy as asking to become a member.  From now until the end of 2016 annual dues are waived.

We do have, I should mention, a long-standing custom that new members gift our club library with a book or media donation lovingly selected.  But doing so is not an absolute requirement.  We realize that not everyone can afford to be so generous.  Nor is it a requirement that every member celebrate his or her own birthday each year in like fashion.  Still, it is how we are growing our library.    

Advantages of Membership

1. Free lectures and fellowship with others who share your interest in the humanities

2. Discounts on the purchase of art supplies  (We are currently finalizing an agreement with an art-supply vendor; we'll post more details later),

3. Discount on classes, seminars, and workshops  (It is actually possible to save more on educational discounts than the cost of membership),

4. Open-studio figure-drawing sessions to commence soon,

5. Opportunity to exhibit in members-only art shows and the chance to sell through our very popular and successful Etsy shop SilverheelsAtelier,

6. Editorial and publishing assistance for authors, including proofreading, layout and design, research, and illustration,

7.  A booking service, Griffoun Talent Pool, for independent member models (under construction),

8. For artists and photographers, a discount on modeling fees with Griffoun Talent Pool (under construction),

9. Access to and part ownership in what we believe will soon be an outstanding library of the arts and humanities,

10. For professional artists and for humanities teachers, membership allows you to conduct classes, workshops, and seminars of your own choosing.

Annual Dues

Regular dues are $50; however, a $15 discount is offered for timely renewals.  That is to say, if a membership is never allowed to lapse, it will always be renewed for a mere $35.  Anyone already on the membership roll at the end of 2016 can renew for $35. 

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