Griffoun Talent Pool

A Booking Service for Performing Artists

For the benefit of all members, Griffoun Society is currently in the process of setting up a booking service for independent member models, as well as for dancers, actors, musicians, and other performing artists.  Hopefully, our clients should include artists, photographers, videographers, art directors, producers, choreographers, and composers (both members and non-members). 

The membership of the Griffoun Society has always included a number of models, many of whom find it advantageous to interact socially with artists and photographers with whom they hope one day to collaborate.  And indeed, the relationship between artist and model, if it is to produce great results, must be viewed by both parties as a collaboration between peers.  When an artist and a model share the same vision, the result is magical. 

Griffoun Talent Pool offers recruited models free training and an initial portfolio.    Optional on-the-job personal security (in the form of a personal body guard or chaperone) is provided at no charge to to the model for any assignment booked through the Griffoun Society.   For this service and for the booking itself, Griffoun Society models never face any out-of-pocket expense to work or be listed.

Many details are still being worked out.  Further information will be posted as it becomes available.  In the meantime,  anyone curious about this service (models, artist, photographers) is urged to leave an inquiry on the Contact Us page. 


In-House Modeling Jobs 

Griffoun Society itself offers many opportunities for models to work and earn.  In the first place, we always need models to pose for life classes  and open-studio figure-drawing and photography sessions.  Then too Griffoun Press, the dedicated publisher for our club, often requires models for book covers and book illustrations.  Other in-house jobs include posters and promotions related to club activities.


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